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We love a good process and know how daunting it sounds to dive into storage and start sorting through boxes and boxes of your child's artwork - but never fear, Little Bears are here to help you.

What you need to do


Depending on which product(s) you want to order, you will need to decide which pieces of work you want to showcase and how many you will need to give us.  

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the pieces of art - but here are just some examples:


Photos - Drawings - Paintings - Art Projects - 3D creations - School photos (class and individual) -Awards - Ribbons - Trophies - Certificates - Reports - Text Books

Here is a rough guide as to how many pieces you will need to give us for your order(s).


  • We need artwork for each page although some pieces will spread across a double page - we also need an image or photo for the front and/or back cover you choose that option.

  • For a 20 page photobook - aim for between 24 and 36 pieces.

  • For a 36 page photobook - aim for between 40 and 55 pieces.


  • We need 12 pieces of artwork - one for each month to feature on a full page.

  • We also need an image or photo for the front and/or back cover if you choose that option.


  • All of our other products normally feature only one piece of art but happy to discuss other options if you have something in mind.

Getting your artwork to us


If you are sending us your artwork, then click on the "getting organised" link below for a help sheet with tips on how to choose your pieces and package them up for a safe journey to our studio. This option is best for our photobooks and calendars due to the number of pieces required.

(Please note that our pickup/dropoff option only caters to the Greater Melbourne area - please email us if you live outside of this area to discuss options).

If you want to have a go at photographing your artwork yourself, then click on the "how to shoot artwork" button below for a help sheet with instructions and tips of how to capture the best image for you order. This option is best for our products that only few a few images to complete. Once you have the images, go ahead and email them to us as attachments. The best format to send is .jpeg and try to keep the file size over 1MB and under 10MB.

How we create your product


Once we received your artwork, we catalogue it against your order number. If you have sent hard copies of your artwork, we photograph each piece in our studio which is is setup to allow us to capture well lit, high resolution images of both flat and 3D artworks and up to a size that accommodates extra large items.


If you email us the images, we import them in to your graphic file. Once all of the artwork has been captured and imported, our designers then use those images  and place them over themed backgrounds or on to selected products to create  a stunningly beautiful and unique keepsake to celebrate and cherish forever.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.43.09
Receiving your order


Once your product has been created and finalised, we carefully package it up and send it off. If you have chosen a dropoff/pickup option, we will contact you to co-ordinate delivery.


All order turnaround times and delivery costs are detailed during the checkout process. If you have questions about the timing of your order or would like combined shipping, please just email us.

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